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Multi-Day Kayak Camping Trips

The Department of Conservation and Resources provides primitive riverside or island campsites for overnight canoe camping trips. These campsites are free of charge and are not accessible by vehicle. We would be happy to help you plan your trip. We suggest getting to your campsite early in the afternoon so you have plenty of time to set up camp and enjoy other activities.

What We Provide

• We provide all canoes and/or kayaks, paddles, life jackets, river maps, orientation trip planning and shuttle to and from the launch point.
• We also sell the Susquehanna River Water Trail - North Branch Paddler's Map and Guide to the scenic Susquehanna River. Cost is $15.00.

Available Kayaks and Canoes

  • 20 sit-in kayaks; 10 and 12 foot
  • 4 sit-on-top kayaks
  • 2 tandem kayaks
  • 2 3-person canoes

Please review our section on SAFETY to help in planning your trip.
Suggested Popular Trips
Meeting Location
Approx. Trip Time
Trip Length

Overnight Camping Trips:

Meshoppen (Launch 233) to West Falls (Launch 207) with camping on Island 210.3

West Falls15 Hours27 Miles

Day Trips:

Tunkhannock (Launch 217) to West Falls (Launch 207)

West Falls4.5 Hours10 Miles
White's Ferry (Launch 211) to West Falls (Launch 207)West Falls2 Hours

4 Miles

White's Ferry (Launch 211) to Appletree (Launch 202)West Falls5 Hours

9 Miles

West Falls (Launch 207) to Appletree (Launch 202)West Falls3 Hours5 Miles
West Falls (Launch 207) to Nesbitt Park (Launch 188)West Falls10 Hours19 Miles

The West Falls Launch is located just below the Falls Rt. 92 bridge crossing

on the right when traveling by kayak or canoe.

Day Trips under 5 miles$45.00
Day Trips over 5 miles$55.00
Overnight Trips$80.00

Group Rate10-19 persons$5.00 off per fare

20+ persons$9.00 off per fare

Non-Profit Group Rate10-19 persons$6.00 off per fare

20+ persons$10.00 off per fare